juillet 04, 2010

Payam & Jay

Since we have small corner for men's wear in our tiny shop, we start to have male customer too... Payam from Iran, he bought suede skin brown jacket, 60€

Jay from Los Angels, who studied the anthropology, who recommended to see Kaguyahime, the ballet piece that Jiry Kylian offers the Paris Opera, the singular fruit of his fascination for japanese culture. Kaguyahime is the one of the oldest super famous japanese narrative, made in 10th century, the story is almost like a fantastic science fiction, very trippy...in my opinion.
He bought a white trouser and ladies "jupe-culotte" he wears here as short. This is rare that we appreciate when men wears the short, I rather hate the guys in short in summer, because most of them are so ugly... but this is In.

1 commentaire:

  1. mon dieu ! on est tous les deux d'origine perse !!! la chance...
    x jay