décembre 10, 2010


Noemi and Indra, they are from Bern, Switzerland. Noemi (left) is an Art student, who took a short break in Paris and Indra visited to her. Noemi bought this tricolor sequin sweater which suits her very well and Indra bought this brown waist bag.

Hoshi (étoile en japonais, quel joli nom!) vient de Tokyo, elle est coiffeuse. Elle a déjà habité à Paris, mais elle ne s'attendait pas que l'hiver en France est si froid!! elle est venue chercher le manteau chaud, elle a choisi ce manteau blue en cashmere avec col monté en fourrure.

2 commentaires:

  1. hi narumi!
    thanks a lot for posting our picture, we had a great time at your store and enjoyed talking to you.

    we wish you all the best with everything you do, especially also your music!

    greetings from indra and noemi, bern

  2. hi Indra & noemi! good to hear from you! I've been hectic these days I've just read your message right now...we're enlarging our shop now, same address but twice bigger than before! :) So hopefully see you soon again ! thank you and take care x N.