mai 25, 2010

Men's New Old stock suite...Christophe aka Antipop

Christophe aka dj Antipop is one of the 3 founding member of french band, Telepopmusik, the band I was touring with as keyboardist for their 2nd album.
He is a regular artist for silent movie/live improvisation project called Cinemixa (improvised music on silent movies) beside of other artists like Samon Takahashi and Steff Gotkovski, he appeared on several silent movie mixes and dj set all around the world clashing styles with electro.

He's wearing Beige Blouson 60 € Susan Cianciolo limited edition Tee 50 €
Michel Axel's Dead stock Kahki pants 60€
White Baboosh 25 €

Sweed jacket, 60€ Michel Axel's 80's dead stock Khaki pants.

Michel Axel, Bird Embroidered Shirt.

Abricot Shirt, voile de Cotton, col mao, 60€

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