mai 17, 2010

Tristesse Contemporaine's eco bag & live 19th of May at Le Baron

Ok, it's shameless auto promotion...:-)
my musical project called Tristesse Contemporaine,
our 1st EP "51 Ways To Leave Your Lover" is just released out on Fondation records, label of Danton Eeprom.

So, our first effort 12" 51 Ways, with Danton's 52nd Ways (Remix) on B side and eco bag made by Kulte ( from cover design by BLCKSTR ( are both available at shop.
or 12" kit tristesse (vinyl+ bag)

get them before it's too late! :-)

we're going to play Live set this wed. 19th of May at Le Baron (6 av. marceau 75008 Paris)
just drop the mail with your full name if you want to be on the guest list
(event on facebook



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